“Vacancy Film”

Vacancy is a film that the world has been waiting to see. The film portrays an interplay of issues related to gender, aging, status quo, downward spiral, hitting rock bottom, and finally waking up. Karen St.John-Vincent, Director and writer, inventively and movingly portrays the story of two women who become conscious of the rigid and hegemonic cages that they have put themselves in – based on a desire to conform to patriarchal and heteronormative embodiment of what it means to be an acceptable female. Each in her own way battles the societal, political, economic, and moral forces that work to put them in their place. However, the creative essence of their inner beings cannot be silenced – one will  shine, one will burn out, but both will arrive at the crossroad of conformity and revolution. If you are someone who is tired of the complacency of provincial everyday life and believes in the importance of stepping out of the lines of insular existence, then this is the film for you! A daring demonstration of the power of the soul to penetrate unyielding status quo, and bring to light the creative energy within. The the world must experience this!” – Megan M. Seaman, Film critic


~ by vacancyfilm on February 8, 2012.

One Response to ““Vacancy Film””

  1. Ms. Seaman, You are really too kind in that you have only seen a bit of the yet-to-be-completed film. But I do appreciate your input and sincerely hope I don’t let you down upon completion. We are very excited about “Vacancy” and hope to finish filming by early summer 2012.
    Karen St. John-Vincent

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